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hiring t's & c'S

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When hiring a carrier you agree to the below


Hire is priced from free to £7 a week depending on appointment type booked.
I can do extra days from £1 per day if you'd not quite like a full week!
One carrier at a time, (unless agreed otherwise) four weeks loan max.
Return Address: 212 Harold Road Hastings East Sussex TN355NG. 
Contact email:

When borrowing please understand

There is an element of trust and honesty when lending carriers.

Currently I do not charge a deposit fee out of goodwill and thus far have had a 100% return rate.
All carriers have been purchased from my own funds and quality-checked. Because my library is fairly small-scale I do try to ensure I only have a certain number of carriers on loan at any given time. So to ensure others can have availability of this service I do ask for prompt returns.
For those borrowing as part of a consult I will simply add any additional hire fees onto your appointment invoice and ask that if extension is required to please give 48 hours notice via email or social media inbox.
If borrowing at a pop-up or one off event I'll take a few personal details: full name, email and home address, and generally ask that hire fees are paid upfront via square, PayPal or in cash. 

I do understand that things can come up so please message me to discuss options if you realise you can't return your hire on the original agreed date.  I do have a late returns policy if no contact is made - please refer to point 5 below.

Returns Policy

  1. All I ask is that any carrier hired must be returned in the condition it was borrowed. Please take care when packaging up your sling and fold it down / roll up nicely.

  2. Any permanent damage to a carrier on it's return will result in a charge to cover the costs of a replacement carrier.

  3. Please only wash the carrier in the machine if absolutely necessary, on an eco setting with a gentle detergent , avoiding fabric softener, keep the buckles done up and placed into a pillowcase, or mesh bag, and never tumble-dry. Often carriers can be spot cleaned / hand washed.

  4. Slings can be dropped-off or couriered if outside locality with tracking via Evri to my home address 212 Harold Road Hastings East Sussex TN355NG. If dropping off in person please bag up and drop me a message for an idea of timings so I can give you a safe place if I'm not at home.

  5. Late Returns - if no contact is made and your hire becomes overdue I will initially email a reminder, and if still no response, I will follow up with a written letter along with an invoice for additional charges. Then, if there is still no contact I will have no alternative but to pursue the matter through small claims to recoup fees owed.

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