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consult options

From finding a new or preloved carrier that will really work for you, or learning a new skill such as using a Ring Sling, Feeding in your wrap, Back Carrying by yourself,  or Simple troubleshooting your comfort, fitting a new carrier I can help with all your babywearing needs!

With a consult you'll get babywearing support at yours & baby's pace. Depending on your requirements I offer different appointment time-lengths, to ensure you get the most out of our time together. Standard (1 hr) Extended (up to 2hrs) Antenatal, Mini (if local / can get to me). To work around your needs. 

Please Note travel & time fees will be added to the below appointment fees if outside the Hastings / St Leonards area.


standard consult


my space or yours

From £35 (location depending)

These 1:1 a
ppointments are approximately 1 hour long, with flexibility to allow for those baby things that come up (feeding / changing etc). Great if you want to look a range of similar style carriers. Or toubleshoot an existing sling.

 For newborns or to cover a few things such as learning to tie your stretchy wrap from scratch I'd suggest booking an extended consult for more time. After our appointment I will always send recap materials to help you continue where we left off.

With a standard consult booking you get a free photo fitcheck

Carrier hire £5 a week.

MINI consult

quick support

From £15 To take place at mine
or very local home visits 
– a 10 min or less drive!


1:1 appointments up to 25 mins together. Perfect if you can't make a Sling Library Style Slot / need a fitcheck, or quick carrier troubleshooting. This could also cover a carrier fitting before hiring appointment - the benefit being you'll know how the carrier adjusts, and should feel when worn correctly before going off  alone into the wild! Why not compare two carriers - we can fully fit both carriers at an additional £10.


Hire priced at an additional £5 per week. 
Hiring T's and C's here.


Extended consult

when you need more time

From £55 (location depending)
A 1:1 appointment to allow for up to 2 hours of my time.
Can take place in my space or yours. Perfect for newborns, or
 if you'd like to do achieve a few things, such as looking as trying a few different carriers, and learning how to then tie a stretchy wrap too. You'd like more repetition, and we can cover things in much more detail too - such as exploring different techniques etc.

If we can cover everything in an hour I'll simply charge my standard consult fee instead. If travel fees are added I'll include one week's free hire, otherwise hire is charged at additional £5 per week.
(3 weeks max extra) See my Hiring T's and C's for more info

Antenatal package


learn about carrying
from the get go

From £35 (location depending)


Learn what works best for newborns; we will cover safety basics, different types of carrier, plus what to look for in terms of buying 'something good'.  I'll do some demos with each carrier type and this should help you narrow down some preferences of what you might like! 

Add ons:

Hire Before your due date hire one or two preferred options to cover you in those early weeks once baby is here to help you try before you buy. £5  a week per carrier.

Follow up appointment Once baby is earthside we can look at fitting with a sling of choice, or something you have purchased at a reduced rate (25% off).

Safety pack looking at carrying in a variety of scenarios, such as wearing in different temperatures, facing out, excercising etc for an additional £10.

Belly wrapping with a Woven £15, hire of woven included!

 Hiring T's and C's here.

Cute Baby Boy


split the costs

Priced from £45 for a 2:1 (location depending) 
(max party of 4)

Shared appointments work best if your babies are a very similar age, and you're all happy to look at the same / similar style carriers, we can look at sharing hires too.

Hire priced at £5 per week. T's and C's here.


an option if my in-person travel appointments are out of budget

Prices from £10-55 depending on what you're after.
Live further away? Still need support? Let's discuss if a virtual appointment over Zoom can meet your needs.
We can discuss postal hire (automatic 2 weeks £12 + postal return fees, with specific instructions for insurance purposes) if looking to borrow too.

Half Open Laptop
Anchor 1


sling library vibes

£10 slot for 15 minutes - Book here
(Appointment mine only - Clive Vale area of Hastings)
Must be booked in advance (demand depending)

Perfect for a quick fitcheck (2 max, depending on time) - You've used your carrier before, know how to put it on and just need reassurance or tweaks. Or if you would like to quick-try on a carrier. Carrier availability / hire will be dependent on upcoming consults.  Support will likely be around my daughter too, if things don't go to plan we may have to reschedule -  at no extra cost to you!

Hire priced at £5 per week.
Hiring T's and C's here.


Cash or Card
I am pretty flexible, but usually invoice after appointment direct to your email.
Invoices simply have my bank details attached for easy transferring of funds.

Gift Vouchers

Consults can really make the best present, something practical that can really beneficial to parents. Drop me a message on my enquiry form on the home page to order a gift voucher.

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