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Lenny lamb retailer

As a consultant I have Lenny Lamb educators pricing, so via my account I can dropship Lenny Lamb Products direct to your home address and effectively absorb the high shipping costs. Where they are based in Poland shipping is around £15.
Just send me an enquiry for more information. 

fab products

get it for the RRP

From carriers I love in a variety of lovely prints  (I've a few different styles in my library you can try) to babywearing accessories and apparel such as the jacket and turtleneck you can see me wearing in the photo on this page, take a look on the Lenny Lamb website and as a customer of mine I can set up an order for you. 


How it works - I set up the order, LL invoice me, I ask for payment from you and then close the order for delivery. Turnaround is pretty quick usually taking up to 7 working days.  If the item is on a special offer this is not always passed on to consultants to enable extra further discounts, so I always confirm fees before going ahead.

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