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Budget sling support

My most budget 15 minute Sling Library style appointments cost just £10.

These quick sessions are perfect for a carrier fit-check (2max – time depending) or one try on.

For anything other than regular facing-in positioning please ask about my Mini Consults starting from £15.


A fit-check is when you can put on the carrier yourself but would like reassurance (and/or) tweaks to improve comfort / safety.  Or ideal if you'd like to quick try one carrier on (or up to two) time depending. Quick trying will include a quick walkthrough of the carrier, I'll be doing most of the fitting – chatting through what I'm doing & why as we go to speed things up! Payment due at the end of appointment (cash or card) Note: I will have my little one with me at these appointments, so always caveat that any support given will of course be around her needs too. If things don't go to plan, we can look to reschedule at no extra cost to you!


Carrier hire is also available at an additional £7 per week - around what I've got reserved for consults. 
If you'd like support in the comfort of your home,  need more time - so to try more than 2 carriers, or if you would like to learn more of a skill such as how to use a carrier that ties from scratch I'd suggest messaging to book in for one of my consultation package options.

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