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Pop-up support

If you're after quick budget support I do offer pop-up sessions at local babygroups, and try to run at least one of these a month. I have a list of upcoming dates on my socials or linktree. I will often have my little one with me, so always caveat that any support given will of course be around her needs too.


At pop-ups I generally come in and do a little intro talk focusing on common babywearing topics, then I'll be available for fitchecks, and questions after. I often will bring a few slings for demo, show, and try on, to see more options, or hire, I offer fit and hire sessions as part of a Mini Consult package.

Support is priced at £5 per sling. I generally suggest that if you'd like support looking at more than 2 carriers, or would like to know how to use a carrier that ties from scratch to book on for a consultation.

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